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Hope in Prophecy
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Hope Revealed Through Bible Prophecy

Come join us as Pastor Scott Shafer presents the great themes of Bible prophecy in a clear, enthusiastic, and compelling way that will leave you uplifted and inspired!

Why do wars, terrorism, and other tragedies keep happening?
When will there finally be peace?
Where can I find happiness and contentment in life?
Does God care when I'm hurting?

Below are audio recordings of Pastor Shafer's presentations.

 1. Bible Prophecy and the King of Kings.
An ancient monarch's prophetic dream reveals the ultimate King of Kings and how to discover lasting peace, and a future full of hope.

 2. Armaggedon -- The King Faces Cosmic Conflict
Mass starvation, School shootings, Disease:  If God is so good, why is the world so bad?  Does He care?  The Bible's answer is stirring and beautiful.

3. The Revelation of Jesus Christ -- The Ultimate Gift of the King
Who was Jesus Christ?  Does it matter?  Why have so many people chosen to follow this man?  What makes him so special?  Come and see what set this man apart.

4. The Word of the King
The Holy Bible speaks to us about God and His will for our lives.

5. The Ultimate Creation of the King
Adam's creation and fall, and God's plan to restore him.

6. Children of the King
A prodigal son is still loved by his father.

7. The Kingdom of the King
God's kingdom now, and his kingdom to come.

8. Gifts for the King
Bringing to God, in faith, a portion of all he has given to us.

9. The Coming King
Jesus promised he would return someday.  What signs will show when his coming is near, and how will we know it's him and not an impostor?

10. All Eyes on Israel: Heirs of the King
Israel's temple and services, and our High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary.

11. The Longest Prophecy of the Bible: The Judgment of the King
A vision and prophecy of the Messiah's sacrifice, and of his later inheritance of all the kingdoms of the earth.

12. The Covenant of the King
God's ancient law, and his promise of a New Covenant with his people.

13. Message from Outer Space -- The Day of the King
A call to worship God who made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them.

14. The Antichrist of Bible Prophecy -- Claiming to Be the King
A prophecy about one who would claim the authority and perogatives that belong only to God.

15. The Fall of Babylon -- Defying the King
The example of ancient Babylon's destruction helps understand prophecy in Revelation.

16. The Mark of the Beast -- Blasphemy Against the King
When one is forced to choose between true and false worship.

17. Alive at the End Time -- The King Who Conquered Death
When we die, what then?

18. 1000 Years of Peace -- The Ultimate Victory of the King
What happens during the 1000 year period described in Revelation?

19. Beginning Again -- Living Like the King
What does it mean to be baptized?  This presentation also includes a portion about healthful living that is continued in no. 20.

20. God's End Time People -- The Remnant of the King
Revelation's prophecy of a pure woman and of the dragon waiting to destroy her and her newly born child.
(The first portion of this presentation concludes the topic of healthful living that was begun in no. 19.  Then the "Remnant" topic is discussed and continues in no. 21.)

21. Prophets of the King
The gift of prophecy, and why it disappeared from the early church.
(The first portion of this presentation concludes the "Remnant" topic of no. 20.)

22. The United States in Bible Prophecy -- Serving the King
Bible prophecy indicates that the religious freedom we have long enjoyed in our country will not last forever.