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This page includes audio files of sermons recently presented at our church.  

Here's a link to our Pastor's page.

Short testimony statements, devotionals, or study articles by members may appear sometime in the future.

Our most recent sermons are available at right for listening or downloading.  Click on either link below to search for earlier sermons by date or by speaker.

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We only have space to maintain 8-10 months of sermon files here.  Use the "Contact Us" page to let us know if you'd like audio copies of older sermons.  We will upload the sermon file again to this website and tell you where to find it, or we will mail an audio CD to you.  Just tell us which you'd prefer.  There is presently no cost asked or expected for audio CDs.  If a huge demand develops we may have to change that policy, but until you see otherwise they are free.


Recent sermons at Grafton:

17 Feb 2018
Mark 4:35-41
by Dennis Murphy

10 Feb 2018  Communion Service
    (not recorded)

03 Feb 2018
"Born to Be Righteous"
1John 3:8-9
by Pastor Scott Shafer

27 Jan 2018
Gen 1:14-19
by Dennis Murphy

20 Jan 2018
Numbers 13:1-2
by Randy Murphy

13 Jan 2018
"Liberty or Death"
Gal 5:1
by Pastor Scott Shafer

06 Jan 2018
"The Little Lunch that Could"
John 6:8-13
by Pastor Scott Shafer

30 Dec 2017
Hebrews 11:6
by Dennis Murphy

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